Poems by Gaurav Gupta

Love Story

a poem by Gaurav Gupta

I admired, I went crazy
When I, when I saw her,
Later she was all around me
She was the theme to ponder.

I began meeting her everyday
I began feeling her every moment,
Our eyes were only speaking
Though our lips were silent.

Mightier than words
Seemed the language of ‘smiles’,
Which reduced all the distances
Which reduced all the miles.

Promptly we interacted
And more and more we talked,
I never trudged the path
That, together we walked.

Everybody was watching us
And were oblivious of all,
We felt strongly bonded
Though the time spent was small.

Suddenly my world converged to her
And I forgot my work,
I started thinking till when
The relationship will lurk.

When the relationship was spearheading
She left and I was forlorned,
I tried hard to stop her
I cried, I groaned.

She had to go, she had to
But she never told,
Why she played with my heart
Seems to be a mystery untold.

Eternal Pains of Love

a poem by Gaurav Gupta

You have driven me crazy,
Way from here seems all hazy.
Just show me the way,
Because I am lost in your dreams,
in the night, in the day.

You have done some magic,
For you it may be good, for me it’s tragic,
Why I loved you? Now I repent,
Because you always haunt me,
You always torment.

You I think would be feeling the same,
Is it I? Or you? Or is it love to blame.
Love transaction has more losses than gains,
It has ephemeral pleasures,
But has eternal pains…
But has eternal pains…