Poems by Elaine E. Howie


a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Assured by life and riddled in wealth
Your soul is old or young as mine health
I’ve waited this long to be serenaded by a song so fine
For one so far away in his time
To show me just what dwells in one of fun
A mystery they say of some

You left me in an awe-misdirected shot
But left me at the gate I think not
I can reach high or low and still
Your stifled mind with ease I fill
There would be way more then I could show
As I punch out words on these little keys another blow

But lest you forget who I am
I am a woman mother aunt and gram
Accustomed to life’s questions of joy
And up to the challenge my nimble boy
So dig down in your roots of old
And produce for me golden words from your soul

And dash on with your life and riddles for neither
Will you become a king’s jester either
For in me you have found a just foe
And for that I do thank you so

As my paper goes thin
I leave you with one foot left in
Eeni meinni minnne moe
Raising the question of which one should go

One who can appreciate a good juggling of the words
One who leaves nothing for the sanctity of birds
One who will still remain your friend
But for now one who’s letter must end

A Distant Light

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

A distant light
Goes from blue to white
I followed it with a curious eye
A breath taking view of the beauty of the sky
The blues experienced in their quest
As a flourish of a paintbrush is guest
To gods testament a beauty

Strutting proud and perfect the hue’s come
And as once the blue turns to gold a walk home
That distant light perhaps is heaven
Are as close to god as can be
I sit and wish that I could be free

I silently say a prayer
And whisper to the, the lord up there
I am allowed this as a friend
But oh I got things to say to him in
The End


a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Twirling thoughts inside my head
Thinking why I am alone in bed
How can you for one more night
Leave me and say that it is all right

I reach for you in the dark
We talked about this in the start
You promised me so much more
But again I stand wandering at the door

Help me to understand this thing
That you have done to me
Help me to go on with life
Help me to stop being your wife

Don’t hold me up on a shelf
And reach for others for your self
Don’t treat me with disrespect
And stick your cheek out for a peck

I am lonely I am tired of your lust
I am tried of asking you another day for your trust
I am a life long commitment to myself
Because you have never really offered me help

But you know one thing you can be sure
I am not going to be a damn fool anymore
I am going to choose our children for my friends
And let you walk on down the road to your end

For One Bauble More

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

I give my love for one bauble more
I arranged it to appeal to the core
I have a plan to resist for a time
But I forgive you your absence of a strong mind

Under your love and awareness
I will not take for granted preparedness
Lets step back and see what we find
A hell of a future for a bauble of mine

But lonely as anyone can be
I sit here and sigh for past memories
And though I be a wench with more then a bit
I control my hope of love of a tit

So one bauble more is what I will ask
And I will not retreat until I’ve had of drink in the flask
I am only going to do it one more time my friend
Then I will pull up my drapes and leaves will grasp The End

A Distant Light…

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

A distant light
Goes from blue to white
I followed it with a curious eye
A breath taking view of the beauty of the sky
The blues experienced in their quest
As a flourish of a paintbrush is guest
To gods testament a beauty

Strutting proud and perfect the hue’s come
And as once the blue turns to gold a walk home
That distant light perhaps is heaven
Are as close to god as can be
I sit and wish that I could be free

I silently say a prayer
And whisper to the, the lord up there
I am allowed this as a friend
But oh I got things to say to him in
The End

Life’s Battles

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Snatched into life I should assure you
Trials and tribulations yes I have been through
But know that in life I have learned
That a heart filled with hate cannot grow cannot yearn

At times the days seem longer
But with each day passing I grow stronger
I hope that out of this mere life
I have been a good sister, aunt, mother and wife

And when my final excursion began
I will have fought a good battle
Sat straight in the saddle
And took this old world to
The End

While I was in Love

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

While I was in love a baby was born
My heart was torn
A bird called in the wild
As a mother feed a crying child
While I was in love a star winked at the moon
And thousands of miles away people fell to their doom

While I was in love I found joy in myself
And teachers discovered they would never hold wealth
While I was in love someone was in despair
As was only concerned with the smell of his hair
While I was in love I found a bliss
As a lone child on the TV was missed

While I was in love I heard him cry
Yes I know the earthquake shook and many died
While I was in love I gave you one kiss
As around the world there was a nuclear mist
That shocked the country we live in
But while I was in love a church predicted an end

But I was in love so I did not call for you then
While I was in love I had all sorts of friends
While I was in love I fell so very hard
As a young woman or man in a new movie starred
While I was in love I place everyday a call
As in some school pride was standing tall

While I was in love a new world was discovered
And we thought we could never live without each other
While I was in love new inventions were found
As the stock market and the dollar went down
While I was in love I remembered to late
That there was not food on their plate

While I was in love I continued to bend
As I fell out of love with my friend
Love cast me out in The End

Music Lover

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

If love were music, I would dance on every note
With the rhythm of the beat I would float
The words would be my lily pad to keep my love trust high
And the way I handled the music would be the way I feel inside
Your voice would be what kept me as a friend
And the way you looked into my eyes
Would be how you felt for me in
The End

World without Morals

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Today a baby cries
Tomorrow a teenager dies and at the funeral a mother sighs
As beside her a father ask the question why
Our world is crumbling
The moral foundation rumbling

With no help in sight
Stand tall be light
As slowly we give up our rights
For it has been a long fight
Consumed by lies and fright

What must the end be?
For round the world we see
The same thing happening
In winter fall summer and spring
A shift in values gone astray

Listening to our leaders say
It’s all under control
And the world toils with their souls
We cannot see so far
That our way with life stands ajar

As we fight this one last war
It all offers us no friends
It does not matter if we lose are win
We will have made ourselves closer to
A world without morals end

Take your time Me Lion

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

As I sit and watch you perform
I am silent in awe of your grace
I see in you a life of norm
And I feel that it has missed no trace

Your stature is true in this light
And your hold on the audience is tight
I am not worry for your fall
But impressed by it all

I consult with a friend of mine
As we are short for time
And all that we are about
Is put in a laugh are shout

As we are riveted to our seats
We start to feel a soaring heat
That will lessen with a breeze
As we wait again for the tease

I cannot laugh anymore
I am sure my belly is sore
So I say to you take your time me lion
For you have truly touched my mind

And again as you bow and bend
I have had a good time in
The End

Raising The Alarm

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Don’t you see?
The toll the war has on me
Is this my fight?
Are have I been thrown in this plight

I want to go home
But I can’t leave these poor people here alone
I see their struggle and I reach out
Some don’t even know what it is all about

We came here to help
But somehow we got left
In this hell hole
Looking for our souls

Peace seems so far away
But on we stay
I give my solemn prayer
To those who stay here (dying)

A few more days
Is what they say?
But is it going to matter
Today more bullets splatter

I seem to think not
But I can’t see us stop
For we are red white and blue
Standing tall standing true

Against this terror we will win
We must preserver to
The End

Sample My Goods

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Hear taste this mind with intelligent stimulating,
strategically challenging destructions of objects in my path
Hear see my eyes as they look into the depths of your soul from the inside out
and read the thoughts that you have kept unpublished
Hear smell this flower that my nose allows to position itself in to my farthest nostril
holding passing reminisces of life’s forgotten memories
Hear explore my mouth that have taken the teeth of time
and remounted its own forces complete with compliments of long gone days
Hear my ears ringing with the very indignities that have been allowed to shine by misfortunes
Now touch my hair as it glisten by on yesterday’s wings
Now my shoulders are broad enough to have sustained a revolution of one nation to another
Now my arms that have wrapped not only my personal love
but also the loves of other worlds long before I got here
Yes oh yes my breast that refuses to sit silently by
and inhale life’s meaningless secrets without a rise and fall of sighs
And a stomach that has let ride on it the temptations of food lust and humility
without being sucked out of shape
My hips have landed yawl they are borders of the chips fall where they lay
With buttocks that ravish mountains and rolls over fields of sexual innuendos
Thighs that hold on to a memorial of my womanness
Legs that arrive before I do in their path breaking boundaries of chivalry
My feet so tiny but so not insignificant as to walk the same earth that a prophet’s path chose
And now my thoughts that are so extra ordinary as to lead you in your Sampling of my goods
to want to get to know more about me
My heart exposes all my inebriations and cough up the depth of this woman
My humor that you feel as silk on your skin welcomes you
My anger ignores my own faults to dig perhaps at another’s in my ignorance
My frustrations reward me when I blink and just make it happen
And yes, you are so right I have left out a very important ingredient for you to sample
My worthiness to know and love a god I feel granted me gifts inside this life and outside the other
So now my friend ask yourself do you ever are could you even pretend to know
another such as yourself faults unflawed! I say no, what do you say?

Who am I

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Who am I
I am the one born to grief
Abuse and poverty
I am the one that saw and acknowledged
The true awakening of life

I am the one that felt used
And was raped and confused
I am the one who cried to god
Because no one was there to understand

I am the one who had two daughters
And wanted better for them as I
Continued the abuse
I am the one who finally was
Told that my daughters were put
Here to be loved
I didn’t know simply put

I am the one who left the man
Of 19 years for another not half
As good and true colors were shone
I am the one who love to dance
Love anything that had to do with romance

I am that one who was called to bare
Buy my children as to their childhood
And abuse
I am the one who held myself from
Becoming a drug addict because
God provided for me another avenue

I am the one who stole, lied and cheated
With no respect for others without shame
I am the one who has since repented and
Know better

I am the one who watches my baby girl
Struggle with a sickness that seems never ending
I am the one that has seen my girls grow into
Their own characters and strive to give their
Children more love

I am the one who hopes my grandchildren
Will make me as proud as their parents have
And I am the one who prays for their grades
As well as their lackadaisical ways

I am the one that watches my grandchildren
Go through the everyday problems of life for the young
I am the one who met a great guy
And wanted to follow him to the end of the world
And would have if he had continued to be a great Guy

I am the one who recognizes his struggles everyday
And he provides for me without slight
I am the one he talks to but don’t love back
Yes I am the one with all these illnesses
That I hope to one-day get over
And finally I am the one that will die
With a sigh on my lips and a knowing
In my heart god forgives for real
I don’t know who I am but now you do

(Dedicated to My Daughters
With more love then I was ever able to give)

The Warming

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

It is so cold in here
I must be dead I fear
The silence so strong
Wandering what I did wrong

I search the sky
As I float up high
I try to wake myself
I just don’t have the strength left

Wait they are singing
Some one is praying
Some one is crying
With this warming I know I am dying

So this is how it feels
Warmth all the way around my heels
Are my eyes close now?
I need to see somehow

It all comes towards me the light
Awwww the angels what a site
I wish you were here with me
I could show you the warming see

I would walk this walk a thousand times
And never let my feet touch the ground
Yes swept away without my friends
Knowing I would be waiting for them at
The other end

Human Missed

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Who can I talk to when I want to cry?
I feel like it is useless and I want to die
Who do I tell all my secrets to?
Why I am sad and what I must do

Who do I call my buddy are friend
Who do I ask if it’s okay again?
Who do I talk to who do I tell
Who do I want to trouble with this hell?

Who do I laugh with and say it’s all right
Who do I want to hold me close at night?
Who do I share with my fears?
Who do I have to wipe away my tears?

Who do I ask for good advice?
Who do I confront with today’s drudgeries knife
Who do I ask my days to feel?
Is God my savior still at the wheel?

He assures me that he hears
But I want someone that is near
Someone physical to whip me in shape
Someone that on their chest wear a save a cape

I don’t know who that would be
I feel alone and as I take of my tea
I don’t have anyone to hear my prayer on the wind
I should have a friend
But I have no one that will hear me but god in the end