Poems by Dineen


a poem by Dineen

The words, so sweet, “without betray”, whispers off your lips
The meaning falls from it, when that something slips
To say “it’s true, I’d never hurt you” while you hide the truth inside
I’m not mad, I’m done being sad, what do you have to hide
My head, it knows, I have the facts, just sometimes gets undone
It’s okay, it’s better this way, now I know it’s all in fun
And believe me when I say, it’s true, my gut, it does not lie
Just gets confused if my heart pumps loud for a fake and phony guy
Spare my feelings, you won’t tell, your so way off the track
But my senses keen, sharp I am, it’s true love that you lack
Foolish boy, you’re not a man, cause I’ve heard it all before
It’s my turn, cheap lies, sweet words, I don’t believe you anymore
Don’t be surprised, I’ll play the game, I’m making my own rules
I refuse to be in a category with the jokers, liars and fools
My mistake for trusting you, I’m progressing back to me
I’m ice cold now, numb to the core, I know what has to be
You won’t see me cry, not shed a tear, it’s already done
Fooled by you, but it’s okay, let’s stop where we begun
Stupid fool now I’m a step ahead, should’ve played another
You think your smart changing scenes and being undercover
Like I said it ain’t no sweat, you’re not worth the extra pain
You’re not true, nothing about you, there’s nothing left to gain
I’ve felt pain, and I’ve been hurt, your a simple blink
Chasing you, falling in love, I forgot to stop and think
I’m past you now, over it, you were just a little sting
I’m better than that, can’t have me, you can’t have a thing
Been through worse, blow after blow, this is just a shutter
Dust me off, it’s passing by, and throw it to the gutter
Don’t mistaken me I will forgive but somehow I’ll never forget
It’s not my lose, simply put, we’ll see who has regret.

Tell Me

a poem by Dineen

My secret friend, why did you come?
Why are you here? Where are you from?
Enticed and tempted, that’s what I fear
My emotions and thoughts are so unclear
You want me to say how good “we” could be
Remember my friend it’s you who sought me
You do not love, only think you do
But I must admit I’m addicted too
I’m a fool for your words, yes, it’s true
What he has lacked – I found in you
Didn’t think I lost something to find
But I feel your soul and I love your mind
I dream of you – I can feel your touch
Am I in love? Is this just a crush?
When I think of you I stare and smile
It feels so good, it’s been a while
What is this magic that you possess
You got me though, I must confess
The comfort I feel has made me confused
What do you call the potion you used?
Get out of my heart there is no room
I’m hooked too fast, hooked too soon
Forget about love or whatever I feel
What’s in it for you? What is the deal?
Consuming my thoughts get out of my head
I have got to be realistic instead
So save me from you- push me away
Tell me to go that I shouldn’t stay
Tell me to stop, tell me it’s wrong
Tell me you forget me all day long
Tell me it won’t happen anytime soon
Tell me we sing to a different tune
Tell me you know it’s just not right
Tell me you don’t think of me at night
Tell me I’m not the one that you miss
Tell me you don’t dream of “our” kiss
Tell me goodbye, you think I should go
Tell me it’s okay if we’ll never know
So stop wanting me and I’ll stop wanting you
If you let go of me… then I will let go too.

Love Lesson

a poem by Dineen

You never learned to be honestly true,
You thought you owned me didn’t you?
Now you want me like never before,
You know I’m not hurting anymore.
You and I, we have come to the end.
I’m sorry, but now you can pretend.
I don’t want you back, I will stay strong.
It will never be right, you did me wrong.
You’ve ruined my judgement for everyone,
Now who will undo what you have done?
A lesson learned and I have to thank you.
When it comes to love I know what to do…

I’ll slow it down before it’s begun
Never think it is love, only some fun
Never let a kiss be more than a kiss
Never let him be the one that i miss
Never let a touch be more than a touch
Never listen when my heart says too much
Never let him make me feel too sure
Never let him know I’m wanting more
Never let him know how much I care
Never let him have my love to share
Never let him hold me again and again

If it is love it will have to end
In love again, no, you won’t find me
Cause as much as it hurts I will set us free!

Rightfully Mine

a poem by Dineen

I was fooled by your wit, style and charm
Who really knew you’d cause such harm
I needed a friend, wasn’t looking for love
You said “Baby, you are all I’ve dreamed of
I had never ever fell in love before
You said “It’s love”, but I wasn’t sure
But what was I supposed to do
You acted like a dream come true
I trusted you and I felt so at home
I was a child, but you were all grown
I had no fear and I wasn’t scared
You convinced me of how much you cared
I was too blind for the message you sent
I never knew what your intentions meant
Just a girl, so youthful and pure
I was not yet ready, I wasn’t sure
Premeditated? Was it? This trap you set
That plan of yours I will never forget
So young and naive, just 13 years young
I didn’t think you’d do what you had done
Please listen I said “Not now! Not here!”
Feel me tremble, can’t you see my fear
I felt so weak, and you were so strong
I changed my mind, it felt all wrong
You weren’t at all what you had seemed
Felt guilty and scared, why can’t I scream?
Still feel your breathe, your heavy groan
Still feel me struggle, a painful moan
I said “ Please stop! Just please go away!”
Did I have a choice? Afraid not to stay
I said “Get off, don’t touch, oh god no!”
But you held on tight and wouldn’t let go
I thought you’d care if I wasn’t ready
Not cover my mouth and hold me steady
You said “Shut up, we’re almost there!”
The pain, the pressure, the final tear
Time is up, you’re finished and done
How could you say “Wasn’t it fun?”
How could you say I said okay
You forgot so fast I said no way
It hurts, I hurt, this just isn’t fair
Ashamed, the torture and hurt that I bare
Many years later… and you dare to forget
You look me in the eye and have no regret
Did you forget it all to feel better inside?
Who do I blame for the pain that I hide?
You say “so what, I have never hurt you!”
And… shut up! Because you wanted it too!”
No! Won’t forget it, no! It will not fade
You pretend not to see the mess you’ve made
It’s not my fault I won’t be to blame
It’s not my fault I won’t bare the shame
No! It’s not okay, no! it won’t be alright
You know exactly what happened that night
Did you really think I’d forgive you in time?
And forget that you stole what was rightfully mine?