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Tell Me

a poem by Dineen

My secret friend, why did you come?
Why are you here? Where are you from?
Enticed and tempted, that’s what I fear
My emotions and thoughts are so unclear
You want me to say how good “we” could be
Remember my friend it’s you who sought me
You do not love, only think you do
But I must admit I’m addicted too
I’m a fool for your words, yes, it’s true
What he has lacked – I found in you
Didn’t think I lost something to find
But I feel your soul and I love your mind
I dream of you – I can feel your touch
Am I in love? Is this just a crush?
When I think of you I stare and smile
It feels so good, it’s been a while
What is this magic that you possess
You got me though, I must confess
The comfort I feel has made me confused
What do you call the potion you used?
Get out of my heart there is no room
I’m hooked too fast, hooked too soon
Forget about love or whatever I feel
What’s in it for you? What is the deal?
Consuming my thoughts get out of my head
I have got to be realistic instead
So save me from you- push me away
Tell me to go that I shouldn’t stay
Tell me to stop, tell me it’s wrong
Tell me you forget me all day long
Tell me it won’t happen anytime soon
Tell me we sing to a different tune
Tell me you know it’s just not right
Tell me you don’t think of me at night
Tell me I’m not the one that you miss
Tell me you don’t dream of “our” kiss
Tell me goodbye, you think I should go
Tell me it’s okay if we’ll never know
So stop wanting me and I’ll stop wanting you
If you let go of me… then I will let go too.