Poems by Devi Nangrani

Mirage and Replica

a poem by Devi Nangrani

Life is a mirage beyond captivity
It is a coin with two phases
Pleasure, malice, Joy and sorrow
Good and bad, hate and love.
Live it to the fullest, but mourn not
It is a passing phase and has to pass by
Littering the world with light
The earth, the water, the green and you.
And when it does, it absorbs the warmth
Transform it in love to spread it around you.
In you is pleasure and malice
In you is joy and sorrow.
In you is good and bad, hate and love.
But the coin turns around
Changing the whole out look.
Good dominates the bad, love overpowers hate
Joy absorbs sorrow, pleasure replaces malice.
Love with multiple shades
Makes the living mirage, a memorable replica.

I and You

a poem by Devi Nangrani

I was drifted to you
As you are the eternal entity.
I surrendered myself to you
Without any rigidity.
Longing only for your compassion and benison
I have detached myself from all passions.
I am able to thrive daily, but
For the showers of your grace I’ll die certainly.
Oh merciful! I melt like wax of a candle,
Only for the darshan, my mind does dwindle.
You are my source in this life benign
Forgive my sins and accept me in thy reign.
Let me merge in Thee oh Lord
Like the waves of the deep blue ocean
Like the flicker of the burning fire.

Music of Heart

a poem by Devi Nangrani

A little pebble
Falls in a silent pond
Stirring the layers beneath
Creating turmoil in the water.
The layers exchange place
The crystal clear water of the top
Goes down deep beneath,
Replacing the muddy mingled water
That stands on the top
To retain its clarity again.
It is now that the experience is undergone
It is now that the heart feels it.
It is now that the heart expresses
Its feelings through the words
That are universal like music.
This music of heart is poetry

Poetry Corner

a poem by Devi Nangrani

With a pen in my hand I sit in a corner
Changing my moods for poetry corner
To anchor the chain of thoughts
That flash across my vacant mind.
I sail across in the land of memoirs
Only to bear the thorny scratch
The bleeding of an un-healing wound.
He the doer of all, but I
The jack of all, manifest nothing.
But wait and wait to no end
Till the emergence of dawn
Beneath the darker sheaths of dusk
Bringing with itself the message of
New light, new joy, new life.
This is Happiness.
The corner is nowhere,
So I sign my name ‘Devi’ here.

Life, Love, Liberty

a poem by Devi Nangrani

Life is a prison,
Death is a release from it,
Here no bars and shackles bind,
Here life feels free,
From all cares that confine.

Love is a key that unlocks,
The locked doors of the heart.
It adorns life with tears,
Washing all that is impure,
Making you feel beautifully pure.

Liberty is imagination,
That breaks the bars,
Of restrictions, of limitations,
As if seeing a flock of birds flying,
Freely in spacious sky.

Back Home

a poem by Devi Nangrani

Joys and sorrows
Do not enter my heart
As the gates of my heart
Are locked and sealed with silence.
I hear nothing ‘no sound’
Hence, I receive nothing.
Within the four walls of my body
I’ve surrendered freely
To the will of my savior.
To the unheard silent sounds
Ringing in me,
Calling me,
Reminding me,
I’ve to go home
My eternal home
That is still within me
Awaiting my return
With gates wide open.

Love and Life

a poem by Devi Nangrani

To love and to be loved
Is true
When the two are contemporaries.

LIFE is an unquenched identity
That rolls from generation to generation
Never to die, but seek fulfillment
In the nectar of love.

LOVE is an essence, everlasting and eternal
The lasting perfume of a flower,
That creates all infinite and unquenched souls
To quench their thirst for love with love.

Life is love
Love is life.

Love and Grief

a poem by Devi Nangrani

Love is like grief
Which fades away with time.
The longer you stay away
From the ones you love,
The less you miss them.
For what you see
Is what you believe.
And what you believe
Is what you live with.
The world is a paradise
A paradise with pleasures.
But pain,
Can never be separated from pleasure,
As light from darkness,
As dawn from dusk.
It is the seed of desires,
That sprouts to give
Both pleasure and pain.

The Lost City

a poem by Devi Nangrani

The spot is vacant
In here and out there
For each one of the creation
Created by the creator
In the lost city of destination.

Here we wander
To find ourselves
In the world of chaos
Drinking the sore of pain
In search of the source.

Within the core
We find the link of silence
From it sprout the buds of True Spirit
That led us to the road of silence,
To help us discover the lost city.

The Source

a poem by Devi Nangrani

The wings of thought
I, rise high and high
To see the glory of nature
Pleasure and paradise
In pool of pain and misery
I wander from dawn to dusk
Wherever desire takes me
In pursuit of pleasure
To see something exciting
To see something unseen.
The urge to free myself
From my own web
Compels me
To retrace and go back
To the source.

The Spirit

a poem by Devi Nangrani

For whose company does the soul descend?
On this earth in every birth?
And still leap from the hearth
To the funeral pyre
When the inner flame leaves the mortal frame?
Who comes here?
For whose company, who knows?
Yes! Knows he, only the “Nameless HE”
‘Self born’ but never forlorn:
Because of his Evolution, his Leela
Creates a wonderful revolution, his consort ‘Maya’.
The only company is ‘He’
The Eternal Symphony to all life.
The sixth sense is only to know
This sweet essence in this worldly strife
In fire or mire, on earth or heaven,
He is all in all.


a poem by Devi Nangrani

Oh Lord! I am lost in the living wave of this world,
Oh Merciful! Hold the tide and help me find myself.
Let the light from the source help me find my way
Let the melody of thy music pull me to the path.
Hammering and explanations don’t help me,
But you the Lord of Lords have me as a black sheep,
Oh Lord! With thy grace cleanse me.
You are the beginning and the end of all reality.
Give me an eye to see the glow of the emergence of light,
Coming from the source, which is my destination,
Give me love, that sees no gain, no securities,
Just the fruit of being in thy Lotus Feet.

Sounds of Silence

a poem by Devi Nangrani

The world of sounds surrounds me
In the whirlpool of roaring waves
The external noises clash
With the internal sound of silence
That is unheard by these ears.
Yet the melody is on and on
The ringing of bells
The drums of destiny
Beat in rhythm with the heartbeat.
And ceaselessly they keep ringing
To awaken me from the slumber sleep
That makes my life wither away in futile.
The unrealised and uncaptured moments
That pass by me
Is my lifetime
Of which I am ignorant
For I am deaf, as I hear not
The sounds of silence.


a poem by Devi Nangrani

They are the lucky ones
Who have a sanctuary within
To breed on, to live on,
As the bird does on the perch of a branch.
Some have no place, no sanctuary
If no fate favors them.
The taste of love takes the hold of life
The love detaches one from all.
Still the thirst will remain unquenched
Such love is unique and so is the lover.
He gives up freedom
Accepts bondage of love
Creating a his own web to entangle him
And let him live in a sanctuary,
Breaking the cage
Flying as a free bird singing on the perch
In the woods of sanctuary.
To fulfill the goal of life
In this life as humans.

Flattery, a false praise

a poem by Devi Nangrani

Let me not fall a victim to the flattery of the lips
That raises the ego to erase the fruits of humility
Let not the words make me feel jealous of self
The words praise but praise not, soothe but soothe not.
Who knows the agony of my heart?
That beats on the drums of destiny
The sound that overlaps all the throbs
With an episode enclosed in it’s core.
Each throb throbbing to hear the next
From the encyclopedia of my breaths
That forms a link to connect life to death
To live in yet another world,
Tranquil and serene, without ebbs and tides
With a rhythmic everlasting breath, never to die
But to live forever in peace till eternity.