Poems by Bhagyalakshmi L

Love thy neighbour

a poem by Bhagyalakshmi L

Is this the life you want to live,
with no time to laugh and no time to love?
With your schedules so busy and tight,
you keep trudging over it day and night.

Life is not a race
so, better slow down your pace.
In the hustle and bustle of life,
never keep your dear ones aloof.

Dedicate a little time to spend,
with the souls that love you my dear friend
In all your care, toil and hurry,
never let down a loving heart to worry.

Its only your love for other men,
earns true friends for you in-turn.
Then don’t worry for when you are old,
you’ll not be alone in this deceitful world.

The Bermuda Triangle

a poem by Bhagyalakshmi L

Alone he was sitting near the window,
Gazing silently at the passing meadow
Unaware of all the buzz,
That was happening in the college bus

Fixed were his eyes on the melancholic sky,
Undisturbed by the scenes that pass by,
Lost in the thoughts of a girl,
Seeing whom his world would at a faster rate whirl.

Her very sight made him love-lorn
But, she denied his love with a withering scorn
Droplets of tears at his eyes’ brim were glittering
His heart was like a kite in the air- fluttering

Alone he was sitting by the window,
Unaware of me who had become his shadow.
My eyes followed him wherever he went,
Twenty-five hours a day in his thoughts I spent.

But I’m sure that on one fine day,
My love for him I’ll say
To him, by the side of a beautiful bay
From then our lives would be gay