Poems by Avinash K

The God That Failed…

a poem by Avinash K

Suspended in mid-air
Altitude… somewhere between heaven and earth
The brutal drag of a force
Triggering a free fall

Screaming towards the great wide expanse
Of a still and shimmering ocean
Or whatever of it is visible
From the corners of my tear-laden eyes

Dropping like a stone
Flailing arms and all
The inevitability of a doom
Ringing the death-knell
In my mind
As it comes closer
I close my eyes
And begin a prayer
To the God that failed


The sea spews over
Almost as high above
As deep I sink
Plunging towards my grave
Until all of a sudden
I stop
Hanging on to every last breath
I climb back up
Draining out every last remnants of energy
Left in my body
Fighting against the eerie shades of black
Clouding my mind
Making my final effort

Sunlight streaking through
The gentle ripples of a quiet sea
As I struggle onto the earth
Coughing and splattering
The blazing glare of a sun
Greets me in the eyes
As I close my eyes
And begin a prayer
To the God that failed


Hair pasted to the scalp
Tongue parched limp
Blisters glorifying the face
Limbs just a mass of pain
As the emptiness of the sea
Floods my mind with a million dreams
Not all of it coherent
As the gentle throbbing
In the back of my head
Reminds me of my present apathy

A distant thunder
Reverberates through the sky
The ominous loom of a storm
The clouds get nearer
And as the lightening flashes thru the air
I close my eyes
And begin a prayer
To the God that failed


Tossed around in the waves
Rain drops rivuleting thru’ the sky
Like needles piercing the skin
Trying desperately to stay afloat
Gasping for breath
Fighting a gut-wrenching battle
For survival
And then
Peace at last
As the darkness pervades thru’ the mind

The waves splash gently
As I lie prostate
On land!!!
Clutching the sand
Like a child
Holding her mother’s hand
I turn around
To see the fading rays of the sun
Kissing me good bye
As I close my eyes
And begin a prayer
To the God
That failed

A Portrayal

a poem by Avinash K

A desire… A yearning…
A heart craving…
A mind screaming…
The pain drearing…
A wish all-consuming…

Tears in the eyes draining…
The music of life fading…
Limbs numbing…
The soul succumbing…

Dreams unwielding…
Ambitions disintegrating…
courage unnerving…
Faith wrecking…

The curtains raising…
The drama unfolding…
The crescendo riveting…
The end culminating…

The portrayal espousing
Every human enduring…