Poems by Arjun Kumar

Our constant companion

a poem by Arjun Kumar

When I feel happy,
She is happy with me.

When I feel gloomy,
She lifts my spirits.

When I am full of hope,
She shares my excitement.

When I feel shattered,
She patches me up.

When I am merry,
She celebrates with me.

When I feel angry,
She calms me down.

When I succeed,
She cheers me on.

When I feel defeated,
She inspires me.

Whatever I may do,
She is always by my side.

I can never be away from her,
For She is called Life.

Shakespeare’s view of Life

a poem by Arjun Kumar

Think not of Life as a long ‘Twelfth Night’,

For it is not a ‘Tempest’,
That can be fought by a ‘Macbeth’.

It is not a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’,
That can be ruled by a ‘Julius Caesar’.

Nor a ‘Winter’s Tale’,
That can be bought by a ‘Merchant of Venice’.

But is a ‘Comedy of Errors’,
Which has to be lived ‘Measure for Measure’.

Live it not like ‘Romeo and Juliet’,
For whom ‘Love’s Labour’ was ‘Lost’.

Nor like a ‘King Lear’
Who made ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.

Instead, take it ‘As You Like It’,
After all, ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’.