Life lives on

a poem by Suman Singh

When you and I no longer walk,
No longer walk the earth.
The moon, the stars,
The stars and sun will still live on.

The earth will be,
The planets will be,
The earth, the planets will spin
Will spin their lives together still.
But you and I,
But you and I may walk no longer here.

The seas will rise,
The seas will fall,
The seas and shores together will be,
Together they’ll live on.

But not shall we,
But not shall we together be,
Together be upon earth
Once our lives are done on earth.

But the winds will blow,
The clouds will sail,
The rain will fall,
The seasons come and go
Upon the earth and life will be,
And life will be still here on earth.

So what if we have done
So what if we have done
Our lives upon the earth.

History comes
History goes
History tells its tales
History will still tell tales of life on earth.

For life on earth lives on
Lives on the life upon the earth
Where life was, life is, life will be-
Will be forever on earth.