Poems by Arijit Mukherjee

Learning to Fly

a poem by Arijit Mukherjee

As I come close to my goal in this race,
my head starts to shake with dizziness.
I am not afraid of defeat, because I know it is impossible,
but then there is the pressure of performance.
Tragic incidents of the past haunt me,
and I am often intimidated by that great mistake
which I am a slave to, Carelessness!
But I practice like a young bird learning to fly,
who knows that it’s his only means of survival,
failure is no different from death,
so also, I make my goal my life.
The wind may be to my favour or it may not,
so there is no banking on it.
I have to be prepared for the worst,
and always hope for the best.

Have I ever told you lately?

a poem by Arijit Mukherjee

Will you trust me when I say I love you?
Would it make a difference if I wasn’t there?
My feelings for you will never change
Because you don’t know how much I really care.
I have felt you in the melody of music,
I have felt you whenever I was touched,
I am sure, that when I missed you so much,
You weren’t totally unaware.

Will you believe me when I say I’ll be happy,
If you ever really felt my love for you?
It may be that I do not understand love,
That’s why I don’t know what to do.
Then let us call it my addiction,
something on which my life depends,
because you fill up all my senses,
and then you take away my pain.

Will you answer my questions truly?
Will you love me unconditionally?
The smile and the beating of my heart,
I wish I could go back to the start,
the melody of music and of time
has cast a spell on us divine.
Life sometimes leaves us stranded,
So alone and empty handed.

Not a Miltonic Sonnet

a poem by Arijit Mukherjee

I wonder why I sometimes feel lonely and so lost,
And everything comes to a sudden standstill.
Why does tension run through my nerves?
Can I remove it? If so, then what is the cost?
Does everybody feel like this, or is it only me?
I wonder what’s in store for me, in my destiny,
This high wall of pain and sorrow doesn’t let me see.

If there is pain there is also joy they both co-exist,
My destiny depends on me, it’s inside my fist.
It doesn’t matter how I feel, it’s just a passing phase,
Everyone is lonely and lost inside this maze.
Tension is synonymous to focus and concentration,
It helps us to retain our mind’s elation,
Mother nature has taught this lesson to our generation.

Problems and Solutions

a poem by Arijit Mukherjee

The time has come to try my hand
at puzzles that are unsolved.
The mysteries of this magic world
inside my head revolve.

Like poets and philosophers
I think about the stars,
or if Romeo and his fellow lovers
really reside in Mars.

Is philosophy the only way
to let out what I feel?
I will express myself one day
I will find out what’s real.

Jinxed I am, I should say
or what takes me so long?
To figure out the right way
to distinguish right from wrong.

We change in time as we grow,
and we come to know each other.
sometimes fast sometimes slow
flows life, like a mountain river.

Love, with its true implication,
sometimes seems absurd.
What is the final destination?
What is the final word?

When life and love intersect
it creates what they call magic.
Then why is it that in most cases
what happens is almost tragic?

I wish I have the answer some day
to the question I fear to ask.
will I succeed, come what may
will I complete my task?

What I say may not make sense
to the winners out there.
But the losers, come talk to me
tell me if it’s fair?

In a late summer afternoon

a poem by Arijit Mukherjee

The clouds cover the western sky and the sun is about to set,
and the green of the grass has evaporated into the air.
A hazy yellow lets me see no further than midway across the river,
where an abandoned boat tied to a pole floats on the water.
The intoxicating air carries an unknown fragrance,
and I throw pebbles on the river and watch the ripples flow.
A sudden soft breeze made me realize that I am alone,
it’s too dark to play and all my friends have gone home.
Surrounded by tall dark trees with heads held high against the sky,
I am obscured from any intruder to my privacy.
I lost the time long ago, but from the faint sunlight I can tell
that the day is over and they are ringing the temple bell.
I have to get back home to finish my homework,
but I don’t want to go before sunset, and it’s dark.
So I sing my favourite song softly without disturbing the silence,
the gurgling sound of the river, the wind without turbulence.