Poems by Abhishek Chatterjee

A Nuclear Winter

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

He stares into space,
Pulling his patched coat around the flood of pain
That is he.

The haze comes again,
Carried in by the wind,
Poison in a clean world.

The dark surrounds him,
As he sits by the fire, huddled, homeless and
without much of a chance…
Disease eats at his skin,
As he wonders what his sin
has been.

His eyes, flush with pain and anger, are accusing and wild
This is the common man, our hero, praying for a mild
Nuclear Winter.

A Marriage in Trouble

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

I sit here and wait while you talk on the phone,
I wish I could get out of this loveless zone,
I’m pressing the button when I hear the tone,

Our marriage is in trouble.

You go out with my brother when it comes to fun,
While I crisp and crackle in the baking sun,
It’s time to find another special someone,

Our marriage is in trouble.

It’s so boring I may as well be dead,
You tell me that everyday in bed,
Maybe I should date your sister instead,

Our marriage is in trouble.

Why did I meet you? God isn’t fair!
But I’m worried more about the divorce lawyer’s share!
I know we’ll be petty and have a fight,
About who was wrong and who was right,
And who gets the car, who gets the money?
It’ll be so ugly, it won’t be funny!
So let’s be mature and climb up a notch,
And let me have the T.V, so I won’t miss Baywatch!

The Civilised Man

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

Morning comes and so do I,
Dressed in a three piece, hat and tie,
Looking better than anybody can,
Because me, I am a civilized man.

At work, I pull my co-worker down,
Poison ears till I get people to frown,
I won’t let them promote him above the ceiling fan,
Because me, I am a civilized man.

United we stand, unbound we crack,
You squeal on me and I’ll stab you in the back,
I live my life any way I can,
Because me, I am a civilized man.

I wear the mask so you won’t see,
The animal that lives inside of me,
Deception seems to be my only plan,
Because me, I am a civilised man.

Love’s Worst

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

No, I don’t think anyone can help me,
Not even Lennon or MaCartney,
To write about this thing called Love.

I’m so bad I think Cupid would sue,
Believe me, I haven’t got a clue,
About this thing called Love.

A loveless life sure makes me sad,
Maybe it’s Santa’s curse, but I haven’t been bad,
Oh! Gift me this thing called Love.

I think the world would be a better place,
For starters, there’d be a smile on my face,
If there’d be more of this thing called Love.

But till then the hopelessness remains,
My heart still lies tied up in chains,
Looking for this thing called Love.

My World

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

Under feet,
Under ground,
Under world,
My world.

Depression preys,
Love evaporates,
Darkness comes,
My World.

Painkillers vanish,
Character implodes,
Wounded soul,
My world.

Rodents scurry,
Garbage strewn,
Filth reigns,
My world.

People pass,
Glassy stares,
Sympathy gifted,
My world.

Tears fall,
Hurt drains,
Dawn arrives,
My world.

Knives stab,
Truth hurts,
Lies calm,
My world.

Conscience gasps,
Fake lives,
Devil wins,
My world.

My Life is taking Me…

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

Where silence is my best friend
Where I’m always so close to the end
Where my face is just a cover
Where Depression is my only lover
Where knowledge is not about knowing
Where I only seem to be going

The Phone

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

You lie there still
Your face is… painless, serene
The prettiest I have ever seen
I try to say that you mean the world to me
And finally I do
But now you will never hear the words
I have been late… too late… Again
And as you lie in your chariot to Heaven,
The phone rings,
But now I shall not answer
Because I know it can never be you.

The Real Enlightenment

a poem by Abhishek Chatterjee

Seeds that grow inside of me,
Telling me what to see and be,
I wish those seeds would grow
Grow right out of me.

Enlightened I have been enough,
The distance travelled has been tough,
With closed eyes I begin to see
That my whole life has been a bluff.

But then I hear the circle’s call,
And wait again for the hammer to fall,
I get off here,thank you Life
The ride with you has been a ball.