Poems published in July 2017

Untitled Minimalist

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

Every thought belongs to the fragrance
Of the yellow-white blossom in my vase
Every gaze to its feminine grace
Nights only find the scent of love
In the interlude of dreams
I shall never sell the stars again.

Humans or Puppets

a poem by Death Pawn

Who are we?
Puppets of someone,
Or Puppets of something.

Perhaps Puppets of something
Dreams’ desires
Lust’ greed
Virtuality of happiness
Reality of pain
Stupidity of emotions
Providing the driving force
To run the hollow, shallow system.

Maybe our assumption is wrong.

Perhaps its Puppets of someone,
With interesting, amusing expressions
Stalking you
Judging you
Watching fom sidelines.
Giving you choices
Giving you hope
With satire in the eyes.

Playing with a page
First line starts with birth of Puppet
Last line ending with death of Puppet
And leaving whole page blank
With satire of fireworks.

Maybe both of our assumptions are wrong
Or we can fill the middle blank page
With puppet of something
Completing the whole page
Completing the fate of puppet.


a poem by Kanishka J

God has gifted us this beautiful nature,
But we humans are very mean creatures.
Trees are the green lungs of the earth,
But we humans are cutting them since birth.
Rivers are our country’s lifeline,
But due to our foolish activities they are in decline.
Glaciers are melting and global warming is increasing,
But we humans are least bothering.
Now it is time to take serious actions,
So we can save our Earth from dangerous reactions.
Now it is time to plant more trees,
So our future generations can freely breathe.
So let’s make this planet green again,
So we can dance again in rain.


a poem by Sreelakshmi K R

In between the past that are being yesterdays
And the future that carries the burden of hope,
I sewed the truth of present.
I knew earlier that this would happen.
The dreariness realized during the day.
The restlessness realized during the night.
Unexplained! You filled the cosmos.
Even if there are many colors,
For my fiery love,
For my revolutionary vigor and
For the blood I scattered,
You gave red gulmohars.
And in the glimpse of that memory, I live.
For my uncharted wanderings,
There is no beginning and end without you.
In the parade of failures; I, me, myself being the truth,
I’m once again searching for the enigma that you are.

The Ladder

a poem by Sathya N K

Thy came into being like any other,
I knew not, what I would become years later.

Grew with lots of sunshine, wind and water,
Cheerfully, swaying with glowing stature.

Day came, when we were slaughtered,
And was tied and pushed and pulled there after.

Became pieces and nailed to fixed together,
And there upon treading started one after another

Was treated with utmost attention when engaged, by the climber
And was carted upon the task got over.

Yet, I remain at peace contented, as I have enabled many to scale up ward further
And that has brought a meaning and purpose to my life holder!

A bad dream

a poem by Surbhi Chauhan

In the room fraught with darkness
Some white shadows appeared
Glared at me with smirkle smile
Buzzing noises filled my ears
With throbbed heart I laid in despair
Buried my face in the blanket
But who could stop those shadows to invade
With silent scream my body shook in fear
As I woke up everything disappeared

My Love

a poem by Anu Pillai

I sit in my gallery waiting for my love
To enjoy my first summer in front of the red candle light
All the year long
During the festive mood
That gives me a smile on my bright face

A Prayer

a poem by Anu Pillai

Oh! Lord, I pray to thee
Neither for money nor luxury
But I pray to thee
For your firm hand to hold me
I pray to thee
To give me a chance
To serve the old age and the sufferers of this world
Let me die in peace
And never in grief
As I am weak
You are a source of strength
As you are a great physician who heals
The unwanted people of this world

London Rhymes

a poem by Edna Rachelyn

When you’re bored you want an Adventure;
Then you think about Aquaventure.

It’s better you go on vacation;
Instead of studying stupid dictation.

Now let’s discuss about the place;
It’s kind of a hard case.

The price was too much in Trivago;
So I decided to hide in London Cargo.

I visited Big-Ben Clock;
It sounded like Tick a lock.


a poem by Edna Rachelyn

Christmas, Christmas time is Here;
Time for Joy and time for Cheer.
Oh! Christmas Christmas I can’t Wait;
So please don’t be late.

All the presents and all the Glee;
Goes under the Christmas Tree.
Mother Mary please give Birth;
To your precious son who will rule the Earth.

So all the happiness and all the Joy;
Goes in your heart whether you are girl or Boy.
It mostly happens on christmas day;
You can spend it in any way.

The Fortune Cookie

a poem by Poumita Paul

Cents crawled over Baga
The fourteenth from right
First from me
White tarpaulin flew over
Dispair of the vend’s derm
Adorning the last few cookies
Wind chimes tickled an anvil
Bucks for the Fortune Cookie
Honey brown teint glued my glasses
Bare eyes longed to rest
Lips to feel the first kiss
The rough skin held my hands
Lips inches apart
Ouch! That hurts!

Tongue blood bathed
And me noticed its opening
Unchaste! Winking through the hoods!
Its demonic beam savouring it all
Akin the day sweet chirps tooled it
Tearing its hem with the peak
I stumbled, fings escaped
The cookie embraced the sea
Glasses reflected the dirty dance
Gusts sanding my tearfeds
Brought in a thump
Across the left blush

The silver foil read

I don’t want to be Holy

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

I am not hurt when people killed me to eat me
For I am always known to have offered myself
For the sake of the one who loves me.
For the sake of the one who needs me.

Didn’t you hear that story well known?
When I and my child offered ourselves as feast
To the mighty tiger, who let us both be on our own.
For, we could even melt the heart of that beast.

I am not meek. I am very strong.
If you think you are protecting me, you are wrong.
How else did I go back to the tiger to keep my promise?
How else did my child came after me to prove suffice?

My milk is for my child, but you drink it all.
I never complained, but always heed tall
To the needs of your children who are like my calf.
I am an animal and not human, not even a half.

When I die of hunger and thirst
To save me you are not keen
When I eat garbage and dirt
You are nowhere to be seen

But now, you are killing someone in my name.
You are murdering someone for your fame.
If I were ever holy, my holiness is stained.
Today I am not only hurt, but also ashamed.

If I am causing the death of so many innocents
If I am inspiring you to murder your fellow beings
How can I still remain holy?
How are you still my devotee?

Don’t make me a pawn of the games of politics.
Don’t parade with my head in public
Don’t put me on your profile pics.
Don’t exhibit my meat, have a sense of civic

I still have my animal instincts.
And an animal heart that I never forget.
The innocents, the ignorants,
And the wretched make my eyes wet.

Just leave me alone.
Let me remain what I am.
I don’t want to be holy
I don’t want any devotee.

At the Beach

a poem by Aarti Raheja

Where am I? Where I am?
Here I am… Oh! Yes I am here…
This place, Oh My, is My Soul
This Sound is Oh! Oh My Peace
This Moment is Mine… Oh! So Mine

I gaze at your endless sight
My heart dives deep inside you
Tranquilized I am when your sound touches my ears
I just stay, stay lost in you, while I find myself in you
I talk to you all that I feel
While you take me inside the Memories…

This is how I feel at a Beach!

The Tempest

a poem by Swati Krishna

I weep as I feel the tempest rage
All bleak and dark and ever reaching
The numbness in me spreads
As you go far beyond my reach

It’s dark and forbidding, my love
A guillotine hangs upon my neck
Your smile erases the pain by bit
Your absence is just keenly felt

It hurts my love, where do I start
I can’t see the light anymore
I wish to scar and rage and die
But the numbness burns more than scars

I wish you were beside me now
I imagine the whispered comforts
I cry myself to the lull of sleep
You seem so far and far out of reach

I cannot take it anymore my love
You’re not here and I can’t take it no more
My demons drown me and I lose my breath
Even as I die I think of you

I think of your laughter and your gentle hands
I do not have the right to think of them
And yet I want now more than ever
In the crowding darkness I float away

I am next to you in this little peace of heaven
We carve for ourselves our own my paradise
Mine is as I listen to your words
Your cadence and laughter and your hesitance

I am a sinner and a broken one
God and Devil exist in my head
They wage their wars and I feel my blood
Upon my dying breath I weep