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True Transformation

a poem by

As a flower transforms into a fruit,
A girl too has to transform from top to root.
As a fruit ripens, a girl also ripens and becomes a woman.
Its not pretty easy but girls know that “we can”

A girl isn’t emotionally strong,
But afterwards she proves all that they were wrong
That she was the same little girl crying
For chocolates and bars but now handling
Everything right; uses her tricks to pen
Up problems and this shows that “we can”

She doesn’t learn this from anywhere,
But inherits this from her mother and bears
Every pain and heart broken many a times,
Who was sensitive and sweet and was always nice.
But has to handle everything being a woman,
Sometimes questions herself why only we
Should bear and the answer is “because only We Can”


a poem by

The pages of life unfold,
Speak up a story so far untold,
Its a serious, engrossing, unpredictable saga,
Sometimes warm sometimes cold.

I congratulate myself, I’m tolerating,
The dosage…
of this hostage drama – captivating, encapsulating,
At times it settles at others aggravating.

Sometimes I feel enough is said,
So much of it I have already read,
Not fully a black and white script though,
Lots to be deciphered between A and Z.

To reach the nth, I’m going with the flow,
Sometimes with a pat, sometimes with a blow,
Un-ceased, even though if un-eased the show must go on,
At any pace- fast or slow.

Finally, the geography where I reach, will create history,
Trivial or monumental will have to see,
Weathered seasoned, ripened at last,
Sure with all seasons on my resume I will become an experienced old tree.

I will be here

a poem by

You should have bid Goodbye while leaving,
the sudden void draining the breath out of me;
You should have shown a sign of your plan, but
your unexpected departure crushed me out

We were together all the way till now, but
you never, even a hint, told me that you want
to move ahead, on your own, that too alone
but I would never, ever, have been a hurdle to you

You showed the dreams and you made me laugh
and you promised to be with me always and
guided, corrected and scolded me when I err
and I felt a new life and renewed vigour to move ahead

Your leftover memories, like fallen dry leaves
will be scattered around by the wind of time,
and the deep cuts and wounds you left
may also get healed in time

Let me wish you peace and happiness and
let me hope you keep smiling, lest you always
bear in mind that whenever you feel alone or down
I will be here, always, waiting for you.

Curse in disguise

a poem by

The fierce fury of rain and unleashed
anger of the wind erased everything
around me like a black canvas sans the picture

The structure which was my home
is nowhere to be seen and a pile of
bricks and broken branches made
it looks like an isolated tomb

The garden, when it was there, resembles
a pond of mud with multi colored dead fish
after mutilation by a pack of predators
who had a field day of genocide

The trees who cared with their shades
and fed me with their sumptuous offerings
stands naked like monuments of a war
reluctant and ashamed to look down

It all began with a soothing breeze
along with a cooling drizzle
which felt heavenly in the summer rage
but turned out to be a Curse in Disguise

When the Sea calls

a poem by

My glass is clouded;
In this driving rain, a whiff-
of the salty sea!

Listen to the rain-
Like many running ripples,
Like gulls on the wing!

Sailor I am not,
Nor fisher or diver deep;
Yet I hear her call!

It rolls and it tugs,
This rising swell within me;
Deep, soft- all at once!

Its shores are not mine,
Nor to its waves I belong;
Yet for them I yearn!

When the sea beckons
from afar, I close my eyes-
It roars within me!

My Pains and Sorrows!

a poem by

Oh Alas! Crippled with a broken heart no one to love
The pain struck into the body with a giant blow
Your love for me was the only healer
But knowing not the truth you left me
With a heart already broken long ago
And now broken into pieces by you
Leaving me all alone with my pains and sorrows