Recent Poems

An Angel and Our Earth

a poem by Suresh Menon

The Angel flew in from heaven and traveled all the way,
She hovered over the Earth and watched her too close.
Angel conveyed the message of God and asked Earth to narrate about herself.
The Earth then said softly, “I am home to a million creatures,
And all are creations of God and now my own children.”

Earth sobbed, “I was young and beautiful, when born from the Sun,
Decades, centuries and millennium passed by with vigour
And I remained as a buoyant blue, beautiful ball with oceans,
Mountains, rivers, deserts, greens untouched by my children”.

Earth told more, “Then came human being, he was good,
Innocent when born; he admired and regarded me well;
Times went ahead, and he spiraled himself to be filled with ego.
Some are really good, but most of them are cruel and wicked.”

Earth continued sorrowfully, “Man has become cruel, abuses me a lot,
With no sympathy to his own fellow beings and his own big home.
Man keeps on making mistakes and behaves as a ring master,
Now digs his own grave for his own race to die, from the Virus.”

Earth asked the Angel, “Why did you have to come all the way,
From the heavens, when you know that the crisis of the virus,
Did good to my sky, water, soil, air and my children, except humans.
Never I was so beautiful before, until humans had complete lock-down.”

The Angel listened to Earth with excitement, “The fishes breathe real fresh oxygen,
Swim to the brim in joy, birds fly happily, as there are hardly any flying aeroplanes.
The wild now have their homes undisturbed and the rains bring in cleaner water.
The sky has no pollution and is now clear and pure, with good oxygen to breathe.”

The Angel asked our humble Earth, “How could you bear all these atrocities,
All this while until the virus was in the air? You are too humble, to bear all the brunt.”
Earth laughed and replied, “Do you know that humans launched satellites,
Rovers on my child Moon and sister Mars but could not vanquish a virus.”

Earth made the Angel understand, “Man boasts much about his ability and power,
Forgets to live as a man, kills his own people for religion and now he repents
For the virus which is now in the air. Man has not grown to care his own race,
Care my children or reform his own ways to save me or his brethren species.”

Earth politely said, “Hey Angel, its better you get back to heaven to bless the good.
The virus has been here even before, but man could not change himself.
I am doing my daily chores of rotation, revolution, gravity in perfect equilibrium
By the mere mercy of God, so are Sun and Moon, making life to continue.”

This is to express the grave state of our Earth and
How better Man must behave and act to save our planet Earth.

Care for our Earth, care for the coming birth !

* * * * * * * * * *

(God created us humans to rescue our Earth.
And is human really doing anything to save our Earth?
God felt sad about the ongoing crisis of the Virus.
He sent His Angel to reach our Earth to reform the crisis.
The Angel’s visit to our Earth is narrated here in the form of a poem.)