Poems by
Rohan Subba


a poem by Rohan Subba

Where is thy humane, of yesteryear?
The world so tyrannical, at its fall!
‘Golden heart’ of compassion so sacred
Lay buried down now, past the long ages.
The scriptures of ‘Vedas’ and the hymns,
Unsanctified, deglorified and unsung
Devotion to a ‘Deity’ and its belief, so bleak
Almost at its nadir, down the trodden path.
Girls of tender ages, victimized and raped,
By the men so, fickle-minded to the very core.
And, the heinous murder at the next door
The world in a drizzle of thick blood and tears!
The roar of the artillery… in high frequency,
Shredding down the victims barbarously!
Ripped apart into desolation by the same species,
Into the wilderness… inhabited and infertile!
Today shall be read tomorrow as a history
Human’s epic journey and its downfall!
The world will rise in tranquility and in its fertility,
When we start it all over again!