Poems by
George J

Hostage for Your Love

a poem by George J

You gleamed on the black bleak box of mine,
Like a firefly caught in a glass bell jar;
Dispelling darkness and bringing joy to the one holding.

Behind a hazy sheet, you remained the same,
Like the day we journeyed to be seven hours apart.
A mirage, unreachable upon reaching, yet;
A soothe for the faith waning and wavering.

If not for the myriad emotions in the technological space;
Caged and boxed would you have appeared.
The gold fish in its round glass pond.

Sweet pills bottled, for a longing deranged mind.
Sparkle in my eyes, the firefly caught up in a square edged bottle.
Like a zephyr passing zeal to the inert moor.

A teardrop caught in a crystal ball, your smiling eyes.
My firefly shun moonbeams on the bleak box,
Though a thin invisible wall of time detained you and me, from us.

A pulse trapped in a clock, the sound of your laughter,
Throbbed the eerie silence that engulfed me, until then.
The petrichor wafting in the wilds, rescue for a chaotic heart.