Poems by
Aravind Bhargava

The Bestowing Boy

a poem by Aravind Bhargava

Once there was a boy,
For whom conferring was a joy.
And the boy loves his friend so much,
And enjoys everyday in his touch.
Everyday the boy visits his house,
And a feeling of joy arouse.
At the time of acquiring something from his friend,
Saying “No thanks” was his real trend.
And the boy was happy.

One day the boy perceived,
A bull searching for food to be received.
And famished poor people pleading
People for food feeding.
And condolence stimulated over the boy.

The boy on the very next day
To keep the starving away
Took grains, silage and balancing food after lunch
For the bull and the poor people to munch.
And by seeing the elated tears,
The feeling of pity in the boy clears.
And the boy was happy.

But time went by,
And the boy prolonged offering thereby.
One day the boy’s beloved friend,
Visited the boy’s house for joy to tend.
And the boy offered something for his friend,
As giving was his real trend.
And the boy was happy.

Always keep your hand
In a conferring position, rather than
In an acquiring position.
And if you always expect
Something from others
You are a beggar