Poems by
Amitabh Shahi

Teachings of Nature

a poem by Amitabh Shahi

Nature is the best teacher
With teaching latent in it’s every element
Look at budding flowers
They teach you
How to begin with smile
The singing birds
Teaching you to be merry
In whatever the circumstances be
The tall and sturdy trees
Inspiring to stand rock solid
Amidst the storms and tornadoes of life
The stable soil
Encouraging you to withstand
The tyranny of time
The continual rivers
Inspiring you to keep on moving
Surmounting obstacles
The extensive forest
Motivating you to be large-hearted
Accommodating a motley of emotions
The speedy wind
Teaching you to move swiftly
Extirpating stumbling blocks
On our way to the pinnacle
The rigid mountain
Teaching you to aim at
Nothing less than the zenith of excellence
Let’s look at nature
For it can be our best mentor!