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a poem by Yasir

A silken tie of love and esteem
to many, it may seem
A match of intellect
be it any religion or sect
Or same thoughts incarcerated
creating a bond undissociated
For some, a real fervour
that would last forever
A lending of a hand
without any condition or demand
Marked with sincerity and innocence
be it distress or affluence
A resonance of hearts
secluded, but having the same thoughts
The ego never in the way
a clash always kept at bay
The understanding from within
nothing occult or hidden
A sinew that always prevails
the coherence that never fails
Funny and flip, sad and poignant
No worry, an angel has been sent
with a promise that he will hold
when none else is so bold
The life may change
the people depart
But friendship will remain
the happiest tale of human heart