Poems by
Yamini Krish

You are…

a poem by Yamini Krish

You are the masquerade of divinity in human, the sole deliverance from my malevolence
Growing aspiration and me in accordance, only after your acquaintance
My lust for life and my lust in life, now an exponential curve
Striving for goodness and excellence, in my every nerve and verve.
Taking is lust and giving is love, what am I – the cresty pit or the greedy dove?

Exquisite, beautiful and fine as you are, unique and the best I have ever seen!

Mathematics is strange, so are you!
You multiply my joys and divide my sorrows.
Chemistry is fascinating and so are you!
Acid turns blue litmus red, I turn pink when I see you.
Physics is fantastic and so are you!
Newton discovered gravity after seeing a falling apple
I discovered my gravity towards you after I saw you!
Biology is bifacial, so are you!
Botany deals with plants and zoology with animals
You laugh with me when I am happy and cry for me when I am sad!

Wonderful, brilliant and dazzling as you are, unique and the best I have ever seen!