Poems by
Smita Ramani

Beauty beyond words

a poem by Smita Ramani

I lay there soaking up the rays of the hot midday sun,
Not in the mood for any kind of work or fun;
With nothing to do and nothing to say,
I lay there by myself, like an untouched stack of hay.
There were a lot of noises around me,
With the cows grazing on the grass not very green,
The dogs whimpering with their tongues hanging out of exhaustion,
and some because of the heat.
I gazed into the lush green forests not far from where I lay,
And the vast patches of grass around me;
The chirping of the birds, the voice of the cuckoo,
The sound of the breeze caressing the trees,
All seemed to be calling out to me.
I got up and started walking towards the woods,
The sound of the nearby stream serenaded me;
I kept walking aimlessly, mesmerized by the beauty that was hidden from me till now.
The astounding beauty of the nature left me speechless,
I walked a few more miles,
And then exhausted but enchanted after the walk,
I lay under a very tall tree that seemed to be stretching its arms towards me;
I lay there till the sun drowned itself in the sea of clouds,
And then I returned back, back to the world I had come from,
The world far different from the heaven I’d seen today!