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The Face of Innocence

a poem by Saumya

When he opens his eyes for the first time,
to see the world around him;
When he opens his ears to hear his first chime,
to listen to sounds loud and dim;
For the first time when he does struggle to open his mouth,
its muscles race;
and when one of them does win,
you see the first smile on his face!!
He looks around in awe and fear,
trying to figure out where he is…
he then realises that he is one so dear,
when his mommy showers him with his first kiss!
A face so serene, one so innocent;
it is a face that none can shun…
such is the simple beauty of a child,
I was I could always remain as one!!!!

His smile, his smirk, his giggle, his scream,
gets the people around him with happiness to beam;
but for the mother who holds him tight…
Her bundle of joy is no less than a dream!

Minutes, days and weeks go by,
time flies at the blink of the eye;
and before you know it he’ll take his first step,
towards you to walk he’ll try!
He’ll stumble, he’ll fall and maybe even trip;
in his mission to take his first steps on land…
he’ll look around for a support, for a grip,
and will get one when he holds your hand!

A face full of fun, laughter and glee,
mischievous eyes always on the run;
Such is the simple beauty of an infant,
I wish I could always remain as one !