Poems by
Sanam Latif

This one’s for Sam

a poem by Sanam Latif

As I walk along the corridor
Tiptoe past his office door
My heart skips a beat as I see
My knight in shining armour, my fantasy.

His wondrous smile, his shy glance
His perfect figure in those long pants
His pearly teeth, his naughty grin
His lustrous gleaming baby skin.

My heart rate reaches a crescendo pitch
And my aching fingers begin to twitch
To run them through his silky hair
And caress his face oh so fair.

My love for him is so profound
I’ve begun to worship his walking ground
Wherever he treads be it land or sea
Becomes virtually a shrine for me.

My dearest Sam, my sweetheart, my love
You’re the angel, God sent me from above
No matter what life has in store
I’ll love you today, tomorrow and forever more…