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a poem by Rossa

Impersonal masked faces,
cool voices intruding in her loneliness
cloying smell of sweet ether,
painless prick of the needle
the glint of light on steel,
bliss of undisturbed sleep
lightened the guilt
but for just a few euphoric moments
till reality pulled her lids apart
to the bitter reckoning
of her blood stained hands
that signed her shame away
the fruit of guilty passion
and unbridled love
the seed implanted unknown
into a womb run almost dry
she laughed, she cried
and wished that pain would
drown her bitter longing
for the one she lost
nay, the one she slay,
the voice stifled
the breath stilled,
the life choked
her eyes met his,
reflected pain and misery
soothed her aching heart,
calmed her churning thoughts
hands clasped together,
they mourned their loss
they clung to each other,
till time drew them apart
to return home alone,
she to hers and he to his
for their love was never meant to be.