Poems by
Renu Khandelwal

Resurgent Nation

a poem by Renu Khandelwal

Where love, sacrifice and brotherhood is passion,
Which is now everyone’s destination,
A secular, diverse and unique combination.

The God’s own creation.
Let us salute Our Nation.

Where fore-fathers valiantly fought invasion.
Its country yards exemplifies one’s imagination.
Which is soaring high among all nations.

A fearless and resilient notion,
Its time to hoist and honour our Tricolor,
Let us rejoice in mystique combination of Saffron, White and Green.

Let us Salute our nation.
Let us pledge for its emancipation.
For disease eradication and poverty alleviation.

Let us salute the spirit of freedom.
Let us remember the martyrdom,
Its time to salute her in her new reincarnation.