Poems by
Ranadeer P

Me and My Angel

a poem by Ranadeer P

Dressed in a gorgeous red gown,
you came sailing towards me.
Together we enter the room of sanity,
where you went sliding towards the bed.
My lips quenching its thirst,
tasting every bit of your slender body.
Drops of sweat,
streaming down your satin skin.
I felt a warmth inside,
as you ran your finger over my body.
Your angelic face,
expressing the height of passion.
Your soft mourns,
surrounding the room.
Asking for more you cry,
as you go insane.
Hearing your final cry,
I fall next to you.
The mirrors covered with steam,
and your hearts panting.
Kissing you goodnight,
I retired.
Girl, I love you,
love you for true.