Poems by
Muthukumar E


a poem by Muthukumar E

Beauteous morning like everyday,
Along the coast of southern bay.
Early sky melt’d unto gold.
Zephyr was fresh and cold.
Children play’d, fishermen sail’d.
Bewitching they were, ere ruined.

Demoniac Tsunamis hit our motherland.
Precious souls tak’n away along with sand.
Loud and sudden, thither hear’d,
Rose many shouts and all fear’d.
Innocent lives were taken away.
‘T maybe, the game of God’s false play.

O God! thou strong and we art weak.
Why thee put oppression at peak?
In land, thou blow air for breath.
In ocean, why thou sow seeds for death?
Adieu this day as phantom of past.
Nay! our hearts and hopes art lost.