Poems by
Mukul Lukhey

A gift for someone I love

a poem by Mukul Lukhey

I thought for days and nights together,
looking for special and wonderful gift,
a cherished one,
that’s full of passion,
and glistens eternal love,
reflects in dark to ensure we care,
and shines in sun to have us together.

Sweetheart, I chose a ring for you,
gift that was sweet and simple,
surely it gets you smile with a dimple
and with a loving glance, a tender kiss,
I also got this sweet little angel for my miss.

This ring brings all my love and passion within,
and conveys the charm of being with you,
sweet Angel doll makes you feel,
your beauty of soul and body,
and all warmth and happiness I get in your arms,
all feelings I have for you and say.

I send this ring and angel for you my dear,
ring always shines on my darling’s finger,
and cute little angel’s smile will bliss us together,
with this sweet hope I send my wishes,
promising a future where we care and listen.

In light of shining diamond in the ring,
I pray to god our love bond glistens.