Poems by
Mukesh Setia

F not Failure

a poem by Mukesh Setia

WITH firmness you can have flow,
with flow you can be fine,
with fineness you can be fantastic,
with fantasticity you can move further
and by moving further you can make
the future and can come first.

NOW, when you are first,
make fountains for others
and your flesh will feel like a holy soul,
with your nature of serving, care and dedication
for others even ferns will become flowers.

WITH your struggle and success
you will be capable of converting
Small threads into a strong rope
and with firmness and flow


Why the poem is titled “F not Failure”:
Generally, in report cards, an F implies failure.
The poet thought of creating a poem using the words starting from F
and trying to describe that F is also the initial alphabet for lots of beautiful words.