Poems by
Menon V A


a poem by Menon V A

Life, a miracle of nature,
an evolved molecule of matter,
blossomed in the vast expanse of oceans.
Methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapour
when joined under the radio-active sun,
the molecules of non living matter underwent
massive changes and become live.
It’s this accident that made the molecule of protein,
which even Stanley Miller reproduced in lab.
Evolution went on, and on and changed,
from amoeba to dinosaurs, from ape to man,
It was an amazing architecture of nature,
which still continue improving human brain.
The amazing creation nature, the man,
kept on exploring the mysteries of nature,
and succeeded in duplicating nature’s marvel
through his latest invention – the cloning,
and succeeded in decoding even the genetic code.
Still we have to salute the mother nature,
which has many more mysteries in store!