Poems by
Manu Mahajan

Four Letters

a poem by Manu Mahajan

The boy grew up on the dark side of school
learnt four lettered words and got really confused
people telling him again and again
we all love you, so you must have no pain
somethings wrong, he thought in the night
sure they’re right but I got some insight
the word is used as defense
cause we alone right till the end.

The young man now, he’s over the fright
few years later got himself a wife
woke up with the sunrise
blinded and sure he had it right
we all in love, isn’t that great
now eat your breakfast man, you running late
from time to time, the bells they’ll ring
press the button and don’t dare think.

The children now, aren’t they sweet
the sheep being reared for their meat
the look in their eyes the only time
you saw the angels and relaxed for a while
scared again, how will it be
if they grew up to be like me
it’s dangerous all that love brings
step back or you’ll blow a good thing.

Worn out and licking the wounds
the man sat down drunk and bemused
first principles the way of life
maybe the word never had any bite.
Maybe all there is in the end
is the feeling no words to be said
and you will kill and die for these few
and love’s too shallow a word to be used.

And the language and the men
limited in thought, expression and in sense
everything is yours in the beginning and the end
includes all the four lettered words too my friend
all they do is express your view
but on a yellowing page they’re motley crew
and if you really think this through
make your language too, this ones been really abused.