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Depth of Love

a poem by Leo

I want to see you everyday,
like I see the sunlight when the day is about to begin,
I want to be with you everytime,
like I am with my shadows throughout,
‘cause that’s what’s going to change my life and give me inspiration
‘cause you are my LOVE!

I want to feel your softness by my side,
like the sense in the touch of a feather,
I want to hold you close to me in my arms,
like the endurement of divine lovers.
‘cause that’s what is going to take us together and make us zenithly complete
‘cause you are my LOVE !

I want to feel your softness by my side,
like the sweetest memories of us together,
I want to trap the beautiful picture of you in my eyes,
like the scene of birds flying in the sky at dawn,
‘cause that is what is going to make our love fulfilling and take us to eternity,
‘cause you are my LOVE !

So come to me and feel the passion,
Lets take a dip across the journey of life together
and make it an age to age achievement forever,
I can tell you this because I know I’m not in love but in the “Depth Of Love”.