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Live this moment

a poem by Khushi

Words that have been unsaid… linker in my heart…
I thought that twinkle in my eyes
A dream that can take your heart away
Let me share it now
We have come to a place
Where we may have a end or a beginning
Lets live this moment together
Let the night flow
Let words be in their place
Let the drops fall from our eyes
Let us live our fears
Fears of loosing or having a future together
Let the waves take us where they want to take us
We know life is in the hands of Destiny
We know if we are for each other
There will be one day where sun will shine like never before
And a day will come with fragrance of flowers in air
And we will be together… in the arms of love…
Love that will keep us alive
Love that will never die
Pure like a drop of due… passionate like a fire
Surrounded by the songs, come from our heart
Where each and every touch speaks
Take me with you, to a world
Where there is only love… you and me
Live this moment… let me be
Let me be your love… let me be your life…
Let me be your dream, let me be your sky
Let me see dreams laying by your side
Let me feel your presence
Inside each and every heart beat of mine
Let me hear you saying “Nidhi you’re mine”
Let this moment go on and on till we close our eyes