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The day at Kandala

a poem by Jasmine

As I entered Kandala, everything seemed like,
Fantasy, entangling all over me.
I remained breath choked,
As I browsed my eyes around me.

Where am I? Is what I asked myself.
No answer replied me.

I could smell the freshness in air,
Deep breath I took again and again.
The air went deep in my soul and,
In turn kindled my desires on fire.

The trees looked newly dressed,
In the simmers of rain.
The flowers looked their best in their attire,
And seemed smiling, as though happy to see me.

The waterfalls were noisy as kids
And did lot of mischief as they flowed down
How long must have these mountains in silence,
And now are they wishing to tell their story.

The steep seemed deep and inviting,
As though calling me out, in their arms.

The peace of eternity could I feel there.
And the wish of flying, aroused from somewhere

Is this real? I thought to myself.
Or my eyes are just playing pranks with me.

When the evening came cool and misty,
The sun stood blushing in the sky
And then soon hid behind the wall of mountains
Which made the sky look as a palate of colors.

The night had grown its wildest,
And the streetlights on the mountain cut roads,
Seemed as lighted, little candles from afar.
The moonlight above could drive anyone crazy.

The stars above like hanging lamps,
Reminded me of a calm sleep.
And to the bed I carried,
The wonderful day spent in the lap of nature.

It was a single day at Kandala though,
To its creator now I really shall bow.
For creating such a wonderful nature,
And for its entire living creature.