Poems by
Bonnie Francis

Making world richer

a poem by Bonnie Francis

Making history throughout the ages
Are poets and authors, writing pages
About nature’s beauty or American war,
About the famous Rasputin Or Russian Czar.

Shakespeare interwove tragedies and comedies
To create a world of fancies and fantasies;
Premchand through his books brought to life
The humankind’s struggle,suffering and strife.

Sir Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes, walking through the lanes of Baker Street,
Could sense mystery and probe murder in whomsoever he could meet;
Robert Frost and Wordsworth through their verses could express
The nature’s charm, relieving mankind’s strain and stress.

“Laughter is the best medicine” must have been Woodhouse’s whim
While creating Girl on the boat or Girl in the blue with wit so trim;
Lewis Carol enchanted the young and old with verve so fat
With his fictitious characters like Alice and Cheshire cat.

May the world be blessed with more Mark Twains,
Agatha Christies,
George Eliots,Shelleys, Shaws, Keats , Blakes and Enid Blytons
Making world richer with Tom Sawyers, Poirots and Nancies,
With their wits, leading to a land of mysteries and fancies.