Poems by
Beejet Patnaik

Want some space!

a poem by Beejet Patnaik

Stars shine bright in the sky,
Moon lies on the height;
I sleep in the bed with my eyes wide open,
Thinking of a new life!

I find you around in the open,
You are alone.but in confusion;
I want to touch you as I see you’
I want to feel you as you are,
But you are too far away with no scars.

You are bright and in the light,
The aura around you,
Gives you a new height,

Some day I shall love you and you shall love me as well.
I know I rang a big bell;
But I am sure that is not hell.

I don’t lie, or I don’t cry,
But I have faith, that I am also ‘HIGH’.
More height shall I possess,
So that you see me with those cherry eyes,
Come to me and ask me:

Who you are?
Where are you from?
And what do you want

.And I say

I am a ‘star’ and I want a little space in your sky,
To lie over there and feel the above every day and every night!!!