Poems published in June 2018

To My Lady

a poem by Heymonth Kumar

Thou were my entire world,
My thoughts were not as old;
Thine shiny eyes were the glorious sun,
That shot me like a powerful gun;

Thy smile was the gold mine,
Which made me completely fine;
Thy neck was the gate of royal,
Where I only got my invaluable fuel;

Thee were my beautiful lovable girl,
Thine hair was the starting of sinuous rill;
Thou couldst let thy gentle breeze,
To make me as the man of freeze;

Thou were the pure River Nile,
Thee didn’t let me to view the file;
Thee were the sake of Trojan battle,
Thou made me as the innocent beetle;

I was thine painful victorious King,
Who had your precious Wedding ring;
I had many people as my inspiration,
But you were my system of respiration;

Our love won’t destroy by the time,
My waitings for thou was not be a crime;
Thee captivated me by thine beauty,
And you didn’t allow me to do my duty.