Poems published in September 2017

Lost love

a poem by Devika

I saw a man yesterday
he was standing not very far

he turned around his face
and ignored

i was sure
he was somebody i knew

i walked on the other side
to meet the gaze of his eyes

and he bent down suddenly
and started tying laces already tied

and for then
i was sure

It was he
seven years has passed

and this is how silly he is till date
running from the past

i started walking towards him
and i could see the sweat on his face

before i could say a word
a voice invade
honey, i am sorry, i am late

he quickly stood up
and hugged his so very hunny pie
saying he missed her very sight

they were hurrying suddenly
he must be getting late

for a second
now i could see his pale face

i stood there for a little long
thinking of his sight

standing as brave as i was
the day he left me
when i told him i am carrying his child.