Poems published in January 2016

Not a Rebel

a poem by Abnish Singh Chauhan

A time comes
when his heart and mind rebel
and chastise—
‘This is enough.’

But, the force of feelings in him
subsides after a while
as if it is a periodic process
and nothing else.

Garrulously talking at mealtime,
daydreaming while meditating,
falling asleep with the television on
or sitting on internet for hours.

Gossiping in the canteen,
taking interest in rumors,
making rumors
or criticizing others.

Doing nothing properly,
getting annoyed too easily,
lying at sixes and sevens
and on being caught, saying— no, no.

On being fed up with all this,
his heart and mind rebel
and want some big change.

But, it seems to him
nothing is going to change in his life.
He is a slave to his habits,
not a rebel— yes.