Poems published in January 2015

Reality check

a poem by Rashmi

Between right and wrong,
There’s a boundary not so long,
Anything which you believe is right,
In other’s perspective may vary from black to white.
So never think you are always on correct side,
Because the margin to cross is not so wide,
Maybe your leg slips and you land,
In the side which has a different sand,
But since it’s ‘you’, so you will defend,
The margin, you will try to bend,
But if the person was not someone called ‘you’,
Then taunts you would have passed few.
“How can you say the boundary was not clear?
And now you are shedding crocodile tear”
This would have been your statement then
Which you would have passed in front of several men,
But when you have to face the same situation,
You may not like people’s reaction,
But how can you expect other’s to understand your view,
When you yourself found it hard to do.