Poems published in June 2014


a poem by Vrinda Bansal

The world a beautiful mosaic
The love the feeling of the known
The cold stagnant memories of the past will unhold you when the death holds

The death comes in a blink of an eye the vision seems so blurry
The sound faints in an hourless bound
The dawn seems a merry

The feelings are stabbed to death
And the body feels so numb
The never ending pain has found an end
With hopes loosing count

This time no spring could ever forth
This time the flowers will end to bloom
This time the colour of the world
Will end its story in a gloom

The soul enters a different world
Leaving its body behind
Forgone the earth, forgone the time
Forgone the beauty of his life

No more could he smile or sing
No more could he play in fields
The world is there but he is gone
Leaving behind his blissful memories