Poems published in March 2014


a poem by Anupama M

The elephant headed Ganesha
Also known as Vinayaka
Is the cute li’le son of Shiva-Parvati
And is known to remove all misery.
He is the one who’s worshiped first
Though he has a stomach that could burst!
He is the most loved God of all
With a horde of ‘Bhoothaganas’ waiting for his call.
Around his stomach, a serpent he has tied,
As though it were a belt anyone would’ve tied!
His ears are as big as they could be
And he eats enough ‘Modakas’ to fill the sea!
He ne’er steps out without his ‘Vahana’
The great ‘Mooshaka’ in all its splendour.
For the sake of a mango, he competed against his brother
And ultimately won by going around his father!
He really is very smart
And has a very very huge heart.
He will give you whatever you want,
Provided you give him all the sweets he wants!!