a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

When nothing goes right
Confusion in brain’s flight
Un-luck at peak’s height
When there’s always fight

Whatever you do goes wrong
Your enemies being strong
When your goal attempts cannot find the goal post
When your road is dark without lamp post

And there’re some really bad sharp stones
Which can punch your heart and bones
When you find a devil like Davvy Jones
You’re sure in the hell’s throne

When you’re caught wrong even if you do things at perfection
When your perfect and ideal work frames rejection
When your natural number addition results in negation
You’re following the deadly dangerous motion

When water turns steam and breeze turns storm
When you got hurt and snail like worm
Everyone overtakes you while you’re idle
Life for you definitely seems to be a riddle

When you don’t have a qualified batallion
When you’re left with awesome villains
When all doors are closed and you’re slapped
My friend: it’s time: you’re trapped