To a loved one

a poem by Veena Damodar

Often I ponder over what I do not have,
I fail to count my blessings,
Then I experience a tug, a pull,
Perhaps the Protector reminding me
I see an aura, an effulgent flow of thoughts
Come rushing.
God, were you not with me all times?
Were you not the one who blessed me?
With doting Ma and Pa,
A loving, sharing sibling,
A caring, protecting life partner
And God, your greatest gift of all,
My little girl.

All this alleviates me to the most exalted state of mind.
I then, said a prayer for you, Molu, today,
I knew God must have heard my prayer.
I asked that He be near you,
At the start of each new day,
To bless you with health and peace of mind,
I also asked for happiness for you.
In all your endeavors in life.

It is not easy to enclose in frame,
My gratitude to God.
For having endowed me with,
A Pillar of strength, in times of stress and strain.
It is not easy to compose a little poem,
On the adoration, love and concern, Molu,
You have showered on us!