Then and Now

a poem by Aryaindia

I grappled for – comfort
In joys that filled my day
Though weary I did feel
I merrily went my way

My heart it wept and sighed
For all things – old and new
But hardly got hindsight
Of things so good and true

I hunted far and near
For time just hard to find
Alas! In daily chores
It settled – in my mind

That need it be so true
The love I feel for you?
The rise and fall in doubt
I hate to yell it out

My soul it loves to sing
The feeling – it does bring
The mind it follows sure
To every heart – a cure

I battle with the fear
Of losing things so dear
I live to be a lark
On souls’ search embark

Emboldened by the pain
When sadness seems to rain
The rainbow in the sky
It makes me feel so high

(Dedication: To people who made my days)