The part of the world we live – III

a poem by Ramesh T A

Material needs of man have overshadowed human needs in pursuit of technology;
Material facilities have increased physical comforts but without human satisfaction!
Immersed in physical comforts man has forgotten his real Self, spirit, soul or I!
Man lives according to his mask, image perfecting himself in the art of hypocrisy!

Man lives a false life forgetting himself of what his real life is in the world!
Man believes and loves false prestige as a slave and lives a mad life ever!
They serve for power, pleasure, comforts instead of goodness, beauty, truth;
Life of temporary value has conveniently made man forget life of real value!

Power, wealth, knowledge are inadequate unless harnessed for beauty, truth, love;
Know the right end of life to try to achieve perfection in all walks of life; and
Then only civilisation will be sane, meaningful and great in the modern world;
So, human culture should be the foundation of real civilisation to live satisfying life!

Human culture is the love of, the study of and the pursuit of harmonious perfection;
Love of world religion, literature, art, music and Nature are part of human culture;
For, human spirit is immortal in the good and great works of art and literature
That inspires human mind to aspire for excellence in all human endeavours in life!

By creation of awareness noble pursuits of human greatness can stop present madness;
By protecting the Earth preservation of Nature can help realise divine spirit all around;
By safeguarding the part of the world man can realise the whole truth and become one with;
By the creation of One World, preservation of Nature human soul can realise Ultimate reality.

Realisation of Whole Truth is as valuable as Great Work of Art or the supreme beauty of Nature!
For, the wonder of the whole truth will lead us to enjoy ever lasting divine bliss in the Universe!
Wonder of the Universe lies in the interdependence of everything inextricable and indestructible!
The critical ability to view all parts helps man to realise the whole truth in all his noble pursuits!