The Green Eyed Monster – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Shameful persons do shameful things under the shadow of power always;
Power in the hands of wrong persons lead world only to wars forever;
Even now miseries of men increase in the hands of cruel persons in power;
So, unless the fangs are plucked out snakes go on spewing venom to victims!

The stories of justice by well known authors abound in the Book Markets;
Even Cinema and TV series preach about morality often to the people;
But Vedala goes on climbing the tree and Vikraman has to bring it down
Answering the puzzles continuously to prevent the head from pulvarisation!

The stories of Kings in exile due to the usurpation of power by wicked men
And the recoveries of Kingdoms with the help of good men still go on now!
Jealousy and greediness of men get the blessings of the green eyed monster
To achieve Onida type pride so as to excite envy to their neighbours around!

Jealousy men spoil the good works of sincere and honest men in public;
But envious men imitate the great models of the public cherished by most!
Original classics have got their own lasting values in the world of men;
But, romantics of duplicates may achieve supremacy but not last longer!

Jealousy degrades and destroys but envy increases competition sans quality;
So, it is a duty to identify and avoid the disciples of the green eyed monster;
It is better to close the door before to keep the wolf away than to suffer later;
For, the green eyed monster is the disciple of Satan born to destroy, you know!