The crop of ideas – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Men of ideas are the sugar canes for the hungry elephants
And the industrious ants working under the hot sun;
Also they are exploited as golden geese by the groups
That dominate the government and society in the world!

This the man of ideas should know and save the society
From the clutches of the criminals as subtlety as possible;
For, due to them only business, industries and all fields
Function or develop prosperously in any nation of the world!

Rich crop of ideas grows only in the fertile mind of experience
Or knowledge, imagination, insight, intuition and what not;
World is an idea, Nature is idea, God is idea and what not
Everything is but the ideas of man from time immemorial!

So, without ideas we cannot understand anything, know
Create, invent, do and also solve anything in the world!
Art is the expression of idea of an artist based on one’s own
Insight, knowledge, feeling, imagination, experience, wisdom!

So also so many matters we see are born out of the genius
Of men in all walks of human life in the world we all live!
Without idea we cannot know, handle and do anything here!
Necessity is the mother of invention based on ideas of geniuses!