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Winter’s Morning New Delhi

a poem by Shailesh .

This is the name of New Delhi which care
Come live, earn and keep something to share
All destinations look like new ladle
Everyone had to solve foggy morning puzzle

City of my dream or reality I am taking
Is it poetry in making?
Or I am in rhythm of the city, I miss in talking.
Sitting on pavement with pigeons all around crippling

Yesterday once more, feel fresh like wheel of clay.
Rains has washed dark stone road, plush green side way.
No traffic, clear weather, bit clouds in the sky.
Old tree with freshly minted leaves and clay
All made dawn smell as new perfume to spray.

Slowly Sun capturing horizon all around the sky
Questions of earning, ruling, fooling and reaching the city
Hurdles, wins and politics all coming in every man’s way

Hope with despair begins day of this capital
Everything is clear but not visible
This is the name of New Delhi which care
Come live, earn and keep something to share


a poem by Jayashree

We come to the world
Again and again
Scattering the seeds of our deeds
In vain.
And water them with careless hands
Aspiring to become more than plain.

Our lives are like a flower
Which smile when it blooms,
And spread its fragrance
Here and there
Till the time when it swoons.

Almighty Time laugh out loud
When we are still young and gay,
Expecting much to gain from the world
We work hard night and day.

Always hurrying, towards the unknown
We neglect dear ones and friends,
Till the day we reach the end
When Time stab us from behind,
All our dreams,
Those happy dreams melt away
The remains of which no one’ll find.


a poem by Jayashree

What good does pride do?
Alone in the world it leaves you.
If the trees had pride,
Where shall the birds have gone?
Oxygen and air we might have none.
If the clouds had pride,
There’d have been no rain
Prayers and chanting just in vain.
If the earth had pride,
We might have fall
None to bear the burden of us all.
If the moon had pride,
There’d have been no silvery night
Darkness must have given us fright.
‘You’ and ‘me’ lets forget the difference
Accept this truth and become good friends.