Summer Vacation

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Annu and Mini spent their summer vacation,
Playing and roaming about caring less vacation running out;
Mummy got annoyed at them for their amusement,
Daddy’s displeasure gave them pleasure always.

Days have passed and weeks too,
Played not enough, but tired too,
Dreamt at night meeting new friends and teachers,
Annu and Mini spent their summer vacation.

Searched for the school bag and found it torn out,
Looked for the pen and found its ink dried out,
Looked for a note book with no empty pages but scribbling all over.

Annu found his shoes half eaten by Timbu – his pet dog,
Mini found her shoes sandwiched behind the cupboard.
Annu and Mini went halter shelter searching for things,
Mummy-Daddy watched their doings with lot of amusement.

Vacation is over now, Annu and Mini could not believe,
Vacation tasks remain in plenty still to be completed,
Vacation tasks got ignored while playing and roaming about,
Vacation ultimately bid good-bye to Annu and Mini.